Monday, January 23, 2012

Everything Is Kinda Alright

Dad continues to survive.Dad at Christmas
Everything is kinda all right
We gonna make it through the long night
And everything’s gonna work out all right
Long as we keep a-movin’ on

—Charlie Daniels

I should have posted about this a while back, but I’ve never been that good at keeping up with my journals, even though I keep starting them.

I chose the title of this post from the Charlie Daniels song quoted above because that is how I feel after talking to Dad on the phone this evening. It’s not great, but some times all right is all you get…or need.

The picture of Dad is from our trip to see him at Christmas. This picture and many of the recent ones bring a different song to mind.

Well, to me he’s one of the heroes of this country
So why’s he all dress up like them old men?

—Guy Clark

That’s not how he sounded when we talked. And that’s not how I feel tonight.

Dad is now almost through with his radiation therapy. Because they’re irradiating the same general area as when he had colon cancer, he can only take half of what the radiologist said he would normally do for bladder cancer. Dad seems to be tolerating the therapy very well. Today was the first time he complained of any side effects, and those are not beyond the pale of his normal range of symptoms.

So, I’m reasonably optimistic. Dad is in good spirits and has some goals set. They aren’t as long-term as he once set, but they are very reasonable for someone pushing 89. I am very pleased that one of them is to reach 90. When he accomplishes that, he can set some more. As he noted today, “You have to have goals.”

On a completely different note, Suna and I had dinner tonight with Tubaboy and his girlfriend, who has a vaguely Princess Di-ish look to her. (She is a very sweet girl from Montana.) She used Tubaboy’s kitchen to prepare an eggplant primavera. I was really surprised at how delicious it was—not that I had any doubts about her culinary capabilities; it was the eggplant part that bothered me.

After dinner, we walked around campus and visited Tubaboy’s roommate at work. On the way home, I saw a huge gray fox run across the street. Now I know why the dogs have been in an uproar the past several nights.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Happy Birthday

A big group of happy people. The big motley crew celebrated Kynan’s birthday last night
Happy birthday, dear Kynan
Happy birthday to you

Last night, a bunch of Kynan’s friends came over to help him celebrate his birthday. I love all these “kids.” They give me hope for the future and a confidence that they’ll do a better job than did my generation. They are so smart, and they seem genuinely committed to building a better world.


Friday, January 06, 2012

No, People Toast Bullets

A pile of toast with various pictures of Hitler's face.Toasters Toasting People Photo by: This Blog Rules

From the "Overheard at Work" files:

So if “guns don’t kill people; people kill people.” Does that mean that “toasters don’t toast toast; toast toasts people?”

I think he got his tang toungled.