Thursday, March 29, 2007

Farewell to OldFriend’s Littlest Sister

Image Source: Moon Angel

Today we say farewell to OldFriend’s littlest sister, who was found dead in her bed by one of her children. She was several years younger than me, but she had lead a very hard life—mostly as a result of a series of bad decisions—bad decisions anyone could have made, and some did make but then reversed.

So, I took a day off from work to travel to the funeral, but I spread it over two days—half today and half tomorrow. Suna took me shopping for the right clothes to wear to the funeral. We picked out a tan silk jacket, a dark gray shirt (not for today. I wore a white one I bought from the Overpriced Outlets north of town), some dark brown slacks, and a tie to tie them together. We had a really nice lunch at Mother Fudd’s. Now I’m off into the wilds.

The trip down was interesting. I took SH71 south, but it took forever to get to it. There was an accident or something, and US183 was stop-and-go most of the way across town. Then when I got to Houston, the Troll Road was a parking lot. Imagine paying good money to sit on a Troll Road. But I made it with about 10 minutes to spare—and conveniently less time to interact with X2B. This was supposed to be about OldFriend’s family, not my current situation.

The funeral was very Catholic, even though many of the siblings no longer are. I paid my respects to all the siblings and to OldFriend’s parents. They said that they appreciated me making the trip to show support for them.

Afterward, I visited shortly with RemainingBrother and drove home.

All-in-all, it was a long day—tiring and draining but, at the same time, rewarding.