Monday, November 27, 2006

Foucault’s Pendulum

Up on your wall hangs your degree
Your parents craved so much for you
And though you’re trained to make your mark
You still don’t quite know what to do
—John Kay and Nick St. Nicholas
Today’s Card
The Hierophant. Security at the expense of freedom. Sometimes it means an ability to subvert and escape that authority.
Today’s Hexagram
Hsu (Waiting). No changing lines. Status quo for the immediate future. Water (danger and mystery) in the forefront with Heaven in the background.

NewPup continues to make progress with OlderDog. No longer afraid of being eaten herself, she turned is aloofness to her advantage. Since he does’t want to be where she is, she now bullies him away from his food dish after she eats her own. She is trying to become the chow hound. But he reluctantly let her sleep with him at least part of the night, and they spent some time together ignoring each other in the back yard. Siblings!

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