Tuesday, January 16, 2007


OK. This blog is active again.


X2B really pissed me off today. So today I stop sugar coating. No more regard for feelings. As Alice Cooper put it, "No More Mr. Nice Guy."

I didn't even draw a card today. No I Ching hexagram. No nothing. This is my decision. On my own. No help or guidance. It may even really bug my lawyer. And to quote Alice again, "Personally, I don't care."

Today, X2B made a big production about my supposed lack of care for my animals. If anyone is concerned, the dogs are fine. Rose is not eating the flooring; she is playing with it when I am not at home. She has plenty of food and water. And so does Buddy.

The heart of the issue is that X2B was concerned that a check for her lawyer would arrive and be left undeposited. It was in today's mail. It will be in the bank tomorrow. End of line.


Lee said...
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Suna said...

It takes two to play any game. At least two. I am not participating, so that's one less. :-)

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