Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Weekend in New England

Wheel of Fortune

OK. So it wasn’t a weekend in New England. It was a weekend in Central Texas.

And it was a real Wheel of Fortune. Friday was Imbolc, and we ritualed and taroted. Saturday we rehearsed new sad songs in choir and went to see Rimi. Sunday we sang sad songs in church for a friend of EW who died. Then we went to Granger, where EW washed some dishes the X2B used and left in the sink. I think that was mighty big of her, cleaning up after X2B while I packed some music gear for the choir director (CD) to use.

Then it was off to CD’s house for a WhoCares Bowl party. I rooted for Dad’s team, which (luckily) was the right one. CD’s husband is a man of strong football opinions. He reminds me of X1 in the way he watches football.

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