Saturday, June 30, 2007

Spill the Wine

Suna and Becano dance in one of the reception rooms

Prince and Flo took us on an outting to the Childress Vineyards. The vineyard has an impressive main building built to resemble the great house on a traditional European vineyard. Its huge rooms are available for confrences and weddings.

The vineyard cost tens of millions of dollars to get started. It produces only a fraction of the grapes needed for the bottling process. Additional grapes are purchased from other local growers as part of a program to ween the North Carolina agricultural economy from tobacco. According to the tour guide, wine production must at least double for the winery to be profitable. We bought several bottles of delicious wine to help with the effort.

Stand by your pig
Phot by Suna

Suna, Becano, and I had a wonderful time touring the production facilities. When you drink a bottle of wine, you don’t realize just how industrial the bottling process has become. There are tons of equipment and storage tanks holding thousands of gallons of grape juice. The smell is amazing, not at all like the chemical plants of my youth.

After the tour, we had a bite to eat and took a tour of downtown Lexington, where the picture of me and the pig was taken. Apparently, pigs are big in Lexington.

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