Thursday, January 25, 2007

More Music

Where we played.Amy’s Ice Cream on Burnet Road

Well, it finally happened. We had a gig.

Trey Bone with Special Guest (me) played at the Amy’s Ice Cream world headquarters for the 3M ½-Marathon. It was bloody cold. I couldn’t feel my guitar. Unfortunately, I could feel my fingers; they hurt.

Soon after we started, someone brought us each a breakfast burrito. I stuck mine in my coat pocket and used it to keep my left hand warm. That worked for about five minutes. Well, I’m not really sure if it worked or if it just prolonged the agony.

We played for about 45 minutes to an appreciative gathering of locals and runners. The runners didn’t stick around to listen, but many of them shouted their thanks. At least, I hope it was thanks. Apologies for the numb clunkers.

Monday, January 22, 2007

It's Music Again

Band practice tonight went swimmingly. When we practiced on Saturday, one of the singers (who also plays guitar) was still sick. That means that I had to try to carry the whole guitar load on songs I don't really know. But he was back tonight. So I was able to concentrate on filling in holes.

Someone once told me that I would be bored by the music this band plays. Well, the challenge is for me to learn so many intricate harmonies, rhythms, and chord progressions at once. Since we use librettos with tablatures instead of actual music, you have to already know the song to learn it.

Also, we have a tendancy to play the songs once. Tonight we actually worked on parts, instead of racing through the list. It was very satisfying.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


OK. This blog is active again.


X2B really pissed me off today. So today I stop sugar coating. No more regard for feelings. As Alice Cooper put it, "No More Mr. Nice Guy."

I didn't even draw a card today. No I Ching hexagram. No nothing. This is my decision. On my own. No help or guidance. It may even really bug my lawyer. And to quote Alice again, "Personally, I don't care."

Today, X2B made a big production about my supposed lack of care for my animals. If anyone is concerned, the dogs are fine. Rose is not eating the flooring; she is playing with it when I am not at home. She has plenty of food and water. And so does Buddy.

The heart of the issue is that X2B was concerned that a check for her lawyer would arrive and be left undeposited. It was in today's mail. It will be in the bank tomorrow. End of line.