Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Book Review: The Quickening

Photo source: Library Thing

This post concludes my second and final attempt to read The Quickening. This time I made it almost half-way through. I barely finished the first chapter on my first attempt. While Bell is one of my favorite late-night loonies, his rambling, disorganized style is much better suited to radio at 2AM than print.

Note: “The quickening” has nothing whatsoever to do with highlanders, immortals, or swords.

It doesn’t help Bell’s case that I am reading about his prognostications a full decade after publication, but the predictions are so whack that I probably would not have been able to finish this book had I read it when it was “fresh.” Bell’s thesis seems to be that the future is happening faster and faster, that the world is developing a global economy, and that nobody is in control. Tell us something we didn’t already know years before you wrote this book, Art.

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