Friday, April 03, 2009

Food for Thought #10: X-Men in Your Life

Me trying to walk around at work

Photo source: Comic Vine

This week’s menu stems from the fact that I am always getting shocked at work. It seems I can’t touch a metal object without hollering in pain and surprise. That led Douglas to say, “It’s like your super power. You could wipe out technology all around you.”

And I’m apparently not alone in this talent. The Office Scribe blogged about a similar problem back in February.

If you’re not into X-Men, feel free to use whichever superhero mythos you like.

Appetizer: What is your X-Men name?
Static. I didn’t know it at the time, but there is an X-Man named Static. But in our conversation at work, we made up our own characteristics for the character. (I’m the wrong gender for the original, anyway.) There is also a later character named Static in some other mythos (the illustration for this post).
Soup: What is your super power?
I can deliver an EMP that takes out all electronic devices around me. So I can’t drive a car newer than something like a Nash Rambler. OK. So I could drive something as late as—maybe—the 1970s.
Salad: Are you good, evil, neutral, or chaotic?
With a name like Static, I’d have to be chaotic or evil. Evil is kinda blasé, don’t you think? It’s so Bush. So I’m chaotic. That’s more in keeping with my real nature anyway.
Entré: What is the first thing you would do with your new super power?
I don’t know. Crash a server somewhere? Cause a getaway car to stall?
Dessert: Who is your nemesis?
Rain? Since water discharges electricity. Or maybe Rain would be my compadre who make me stronger—like lightening. But then I would be Storm.


Lee said...

Here’s the code to paste in your own blog. Please leave a link to the answers.
<dl><dt><strong>Appetizer: </strong> What is your X-Men name? </dt>
<dt><strong>Soup: </strong> What is your super power? </dt>
<dt><strong>Salad: </strong> Are you good, evil, neutral, or chaotic? </dt>
<dt><strong>Entré: </strong> What is the first thing you would do with your new super power? </dt>
<dt><strong>Dessert: </strong> Who is your nemesis? </dt>

Dragonfly said...

Dragonfly said...

confused, I saw Kelly left a comment (I subscribe to the comments) but I don't see it here. I was going to tell her about bloglines.

I'm two behind on food for thought now, this was the last one I did.

Lee said...

I sent her an email and told her about Bloglines. Then I deleted her comment because it had her real email address in it.

Dragonfly said...

Ah very good point! I love that you guys watch out for others.

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