Friday, May 08, 2009

Food for Thought #12: 100 Days

Barack Obama:
Not on His 100th Day in Office

Photo source: Macrobuddies

Sorry I haven’t posted for awhile and fallen down on my weekly Food for Thought obligations. I’ve been on deadline at work. Something about writing for 10-12 hours a day greatly reduces the inclination to blog.

So in my absences, I missed commenting on the great press hoopla over Barack Obama’s 100th day in office. Not being one to pay that much attention to time except when someone makes me, today’s FFT celebrates that occassion a little late. It derives from a question Jeff Zeleny of the New York Times now famously asked the President.

Appetizer: During the last 100 days, what most surprised you?
How well the church choir pulled of Franz Schubert’s Mass in G. Even the morning of the performance, we sounded flat (dynamics, not pitch). But when we sang for real, there was some kind of magic transformation. We sounded bigger and better than we actually are.
Soup: What most befuddled you?
I don’t know for sure, but I sure seem to have been fuddled. My brain seemed clouded most of the time, as if it were operating at 75% efficiency or something. Lack of sleep contributed, but I’m sure that wasn’t the whole problem.
Salad: What most uplifted you?
Seeing how happy TrackGrease and his beloved looked in pictures of their wedding.
Entré: What most troubled you?
The crisis mentality that sprung up around my project as the deadline neared. Really, the project made things easier. Was the crisis just so that we could solve it?
Dessert: What most enchanted you?
All the pictures of puppies that Suna keeps showing me.

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Here’s the code to paste in your own blog. Please leave a link to the answers.

<dl><dt><strong>Appetizer: </strong> During the last 100 days, what most surprised you? </dt>
<dt><strong>Soup: </strong> What most befuddled you? </dt>
<dt><strong>Salad: </strong> What most uplifted you? </dt>
<dt><strong>Entré: </strong> What most troubled you? </dt>
<dt><strong>Dessert: </strong> What most enchanted you? </dt>

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