Wednesday, November 18, 2009

RIP, Dot

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Moon Angel

When I was little, we were so close it used to scare Mom. Like the time I was playing with my blocks and started crying for no apparent reason. Mom told me she picked me up and asked what was wrong. “My Doroth’s sad.” A couple of hours later, Dot called and said she and her husband had had a big fight and wanted to know if she could come home.

Another time I started cleaning up my toys. When Mom asked why, I told her Dorothy was coming. Since she lived out-of-state, Mom said that wasn’t likely. But she showed up for a surprise visit a couple of hours later.

As we got older, we grew apart as siblings often do. A casual search of this blog shows that this is the first time I’ve mentioned her. We didn’t stay in contact much, but we knew we could always count on each other.

Now she’s gone. I’ll miss you, Big Sister.


Dragonfly said...

I'm so sorry for you loss, I can't even imagine. You are in my prayers.

Lee said...

Thanks, Dragonfly. I am starting to get it back together ... catching up on my email and stuff. There are only two out of the five of us left.

Anonymous said...

I still miss her. I talk to Cindy about once a week and she is doing better now. Took her a bit and we talked of her moving back to texas to be closer to the rest of the family. But, as Kay is still there, I believe she will stay awhile longer.
You and Uncle Jimmy are the only ones I have left so dont go getting any funny ideas :)

your favorite niece

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