Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Brithday Table Topics

Birthday Pie Apparently my friend isn’t the only one who likes Birthday Pie. Original photo from: merrimentdesign

Suna’s birthday is this Saturday. So I’ve been thinking a lot about birthdays.

This is a list of Table Topics questions I used at today’s Toastmasters meeting. Rather than having volunteers choose a number, I just picked a topic for them, including (jokingly) asking the guy I know never watches movies, “What’s your favorite birthday movie?”

  • Tell us about your favorite birthday memory.
  • Tell us about your worst birthday experience.
  • James Doohan who played Scotty on original Star Trek series, would’ve been 91 today. Tell us about your favorite Scotty moment.1
  • Do you keep your birthday secret from your coworkers? Why or why not?
  • Describe the wonders of cake.2
  • How do you usually celebrate your birthday?
  • Adults typically fall and one of three categories:
    • They lie about their age.
    • They don’t worry about her age and may not even know what it is.
    • Or they are proud of their age.
    Into which camp do you fall, and why?


  1. Substitute any celebrity birthday.
  2. I half expected to get a dissertation about the band, Cake. Instead, I got a wonderful story about birthday pie.

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