Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving at the Farm

Here’s the reason we changed directions after two hours on the road. This is Dad's fun. It's also what keeps him alive. The field that burned is now one of the greenest parts of the farm. Tiny shoots, but green.

We went to see Dad for the Thanksgiving break. Full details are in the Ursula blog, so I just want to focus on how Dad is doing in this post.

We got to the farm at about 21:30—long after he had gone to bed on Wednesday night. By 09:30 on Thanksgiving morning, he was out in the fields. He took a couple of hours to rest mid day, and went back out to plow for several more hours. I estimated six hours in the tractor on Thanksgiving Day.

He worked even harder on Friday and finished his plowing on Saturday, just before the sky spit for a while but refused to settle the dust. So while he doesn’t have the stamina he did when he was a young man of say 70, he is doing great for someone who is pushing 89 and fighting cancer.

The only down news is that he seems to be trying to convoke himself that the doctor won’t be able to resume treatments on Monday. He says he may tell the doctor he doesn’t want to continue with the treatments.

On the other hand, he continues to set goals and work to see them accomplished. I’m hoping his pride and determination win out over his pessimism. To use his favorite phrase, “We’ll see.”


Victoria St. Gelais said...

So happy to hear that he's doing better, Lee! I have some relatives much like him. I wish I had half the stamina and determination they have and I'm just a little more than half his age! Praying that God continues to heal and strengthen him.

Lee said...

Thanks, Vickie. When we were a little younger I used to say I couldn’t take him in a fair fight—probably not if I cheated. Now Guy Clark’s words ring in my head. “To me he’s one of the heroes of this country. So why’s he all dressed up like them old men?”

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