Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hate Is Not a Family Value

I wish more churches preached this message. It is more in line with the actual teachings of Jesus than the hateful rhetoric spewed from many pulpits.
Apparently, Cabela's is the place to go for plastic kayaks.

Dad wanted to eat lunch at Sonic, so we drove to Cuero. I parked facing the sign on the Calvary Baptist Church, which featured a message I wholeheartedly endorse: “Hate is not a family value.” Since I didn’t hear the service, I hope they actually meant it and weren't just trying to co-opt a liberal message.

Since Dad is doing OK, I came on home. I took the “scenic route” which lead me to Cabela’s big store in Buda. It failed to live up to my memory of the Nebraska store, but that could be the fault of memory. It did have many, many kayacks. Wandering around the store for what seemed like hours left be with this impression: The people of Cabela’s are not that different from the People of WalMart, just better armed.

I eventually made it home after a nice meander through south Austin.

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