Tuesday, October 02, 2007

A Shot of Something

A single shot of cola is enough to start the day?
Gimme a shot of faith, a shot of confidence, a shot of something
A shot of something
—Manic Eden

TubaBoy was a hoot this morning. We were running late getting out of the house. He and Beccano were as sleepy as I still remember being on early-morning school days. When they both hollered that they were ready to leave, I exited the study to get my road cup. There was TubaBoy with a two liter Pepsi One in one hand and a shot glass full of black liquid in the other. As I realized what I was seeing, he tossed back the shot of cola and banged the shot glass down with a satisfied exhalation.

When I started laughing, he said, “Sorry. I needed some caffeine—not too much, not too little.”

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Suna said...

He comes from a long line of caffeine addicts, so he comes by it honestly. How funny!

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