Thursday, November 20, 2008

Licensed and Legal

Suna holds up our marriage license Suna holds up the lovely booklets the county gave us with the license.

Suna and I had to take off work together to go get our wedding license. We got up a little early (not early enough) and drove up to Georgetown together.

When we walked into the courthouse, I set off the metal detector, even after removing my belt and keys. I patted myself down and went back through, only to repeat the same results.

At this point, one of Williamson County’s finest ordered me to “stand over here and turn your back.” He patted me down and let me through when he didn’t find anything either.

Suna and I went on to get the license, a little perplexed at why I was setting off the alarms.

The lady who issued the license was really nice and even funny. Don’t tell her boss. I’m sure you’re not allowed to be funny if you’re a county employee, even though I’ve met a judge who could do standup but for the pay cut.

On the way out, we had to wait for the elevator. I put my hands in my pocket and found a dirty spoon. I guess I got sidetracked on the way to the dishwasher with it. Thinking of the spoon setting off the metal detector reminded me of the line from Robin Hood.

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