Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Obama Wins!

This survey map from back in March seems to be uncannily accurate. Some of the colors will be different, I’m sure, but …

Image source: Surveys, USA

I hope I’m not going to repeat history with that headline. The election is not settled as I write this. Suna and I are spending a very nice evening at home watching the election returns. The kids are watching downstairs.

They are talking on TV about the real America and how John McCain insulted most of America by suggesting that only white rural areas of the country were the real America. We are now an ethnically and culturally diverse nation. Only our enemies try to stereotype us as white Christians. The Taliban says that about us, not admitting that there are more Muslims in this country than in Iraq. McCain made the same mistake.

The popular vote is very close as I write. I am starting to relax as Obama’s victory is starting to feel more certain. I hope that he wins the popular vote, too. I hope he can win with an indisputable mandate, something that hasn’t been done in a very long time.

We’re switching to the Daily/Colbert election coverage until we get more news about my home state. Or not. Maybe I’ll just start using Swagger from Old Spice.


Lee said...

CNN just called it for Obama, and McCain is conceding. Now we learn if Obamacan govern and fix the mess that Bush made.

Tim Jones said...

For all the nastiness of his campaign, it was good to see McCain make a gracious concession speech. Less good to see those listening to him speak booing at the sound of Obama's name, though.

Lee said...

Yeah, but I have come to expect that from the far right wing of the Republican party. Even the less extreme parts of that party take labels and ideology more seriously than substance. I was just glad to see more blue south of the Mason Dixon line and across the country. Even Texas was too close to call for a long time, and Texas has been blindly Republican since it stopped being blindly Democratic in the 70s.

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