Thursday, September 18, 2008


Beccano in Disguise As Me

First, the good news! I probably have a contract with the Fruit Company. That contract should keep us solvent through the end of the year, and it could possibly be extended after that. And the hiring manager wanted to hire me as a real employee, but after month of interviews all hiring was frozen. Sigh!

That is really good news because kids are expensive—even kids as good and self-reliant as Suna’s. It seems that TubaBoy has been texting so much that the buttons fell off of his phone. Granted this is a phone he inherited from his father who upgraded to an iPhone. (This is a day after my phone decided to become a flash light and I decided to upgrade to an iPhone.)

So yesterday, we went to buy him a new phone. He chose a really sensible model. He doesn’t need the email or calendar functions of an iPhone, so he picked one that looks like a mirror when it’s turned off. It also has a really nice display and a good camera (for a cameraphone). He seemed really happy with it.

That eats up three of our four upgrades this year. Beccano can get a new phone (if he needs and wants one) in January—right after my contract could expire.

Afterward we went out to eat at a Chinese buffet. I thought it would be a treat for Beccano because that is usually his favorite type of restaurant. But last night, he said he wasn’t very hungery. He did eat a goodly amount, as did TubaBoy who usually complains about Chinese buffets. (Why is it that teenage brothers never want to eat at the same type of places?)

What Beccano was was entertaining. One of his favorite games to play when we go out to eat is “Look! I’m Lee!” It’s amusing. I always take off my glasses (and hat, if I’m wearing one) to eat. When he finishes eating, Beccano like to put on these items and say, “I’m Lee.” This is always followed by random amusing statements. These statements are totally weird—nothing like what I would say. Quiet, those who know me!


Suna said...

I still think he looks more like Weird Al in that picture.

Lee said...

Yup. He looks like Weird Al and sings like Frank Zappa. I think he has a brilliant future ahead of him.

Stephanie said...

Congratulations on the Fruit contract and hooray for all the musical gigs too. I'm so glad that you and Suna are building a happy life together. The young man attempting to impersonate you is truly sweet although I'd have to agree on the Weird Al thing. My kiddos are on a Weird Al kick right now (the dangers of a goofy mother and You Tube) so that comparison only makes me think he's more charming. And I've already been charmed by Beccano!

Dragonfly said...

I'm super behind in all my blog lurking, but the Weird Al reference has made me giggle.

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