Monday, September 29, 2008

Work Gratitude

Today was my first day on a 90-day contract with the Fruit Company. It was the smoothest first day I have ever had. The only hitch was that the contracting company had not forwarded my information, so the Fruit Company’s security systems didn’t know who I am. Because of that, I won’t have building access until tomorrow.

Amazingly enough, they were able to get my computer set up today. I can work at my desk, which is next to the windows, using my own login. OK—it may take a while to get access to all of the servers I need, but that was already in progress by the time I had non-guest computer access. I am amazed at how efficient they are.

And I have projects. Well, these may not be any better defined than anywhere else I’ve worked, but I at least have something to do. And will soon have a pay check. And for that I am extremely grateful. And I am grateful to my friend and former boss for lobbying to get me a employed. It is good to be working with her again.

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