Friday, September 26, 2008

A Job and a T-Bucket

How often do you get to see something this nice for free?

It is official now. I have a contract that will feed the family though the end of the year. I signed the paperwork to work at the Fruit Company this morning. I start next Monday, but I still don’t know which building to report to or what time to report.

On the way to the contracting company, I passed two guys having a ride in a really cool looking T-Bucket. It sounded nice, too.

While I was waiting for all the paperwork to be filed, I heard someone pull up on what I thought was a lovely sounding motorcycle, but when I left I realized it was the T-Bucket I had passed on the way in. It is owned by someone who works at the Texas Association of School Boards.

I spent a few minutes looking it over and drooling. It is definitely show quality.


Dragonfly said...

Congratulations on the contract! I don't quite understand it but anything that's followed by "can feed the family" is a good thing!

Lee said...

It certainly is.

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