Monday, October 06, 2008

Dad Hates Smell Apples. Did I Tell You That?

Dad shows off his smell apple pulling skills. Not bad for 85!

Well the politicos in Washington have figured out a way to give more money to the corrupt in the name of saving the country from the greedy, corrupt, nasty, idiots who have been running things since Reagan gave them a license to steal (my Dad’s phrase even if it is an Al Stewart song, but I agree). I just can’t go on with how angry I am right now, and more angry that both Presidential candidates backed the theft. So much for change and hope.

Speaking of Dad, I went to see him again this weekend. It’s very irritating to listen to him go on and on about the state of the country—especially since he’s right. Most irritating is when he starts reminding me that he won’t be around that much longer—again because he’s right. I will really miss him irritating me then.

So for today, I’m grateful that I’ve been able to have him around this long. I hope to be able to be irritated by him for decades more.

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