Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday’s Famine

This picture captures my mood for much of the day.

This week was even busier than last week. There has been no shortage of things to keep me busy at work. The hard part has been convincing people that what I do takes time. PowerPoint presentations don’t become web pages instantaneously, as if by magic. Especially when they are made in an application that is like PowerPoint but doesn’t like being on the web.

But at least I like the people, and they seem to like me.

The big problem this week came when my check didn’t show up today. The guy handing them out didn’t have a clue, and admin didn’t get back from lunch when he thought she should. But when she did, she dove right in and started working dilligently to solve the problem. She kept at it until she found out it had been mailed because I’m on a new project code that nobody recognized as belonging to the Fruit Company. I owe her a box of thank you chocolates. I’ll get them as soon as I can get my check in the bank on Monday.

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