Sunday, March 01, 2009

Gardening Update

Suna made this on her desktop image.

I wanted to catch up on the state of the garden this first day of March. Here is a teaser. I put more pictures up in a Facebook album.

The blue pansies to the right are in the front bed. I took the picture by holding the camera at ground level and snapping. Thank goodness for autofocus.

The flowers to the left are some of the wildflowers I planted last Fall. This patch did better than the others, some of which never came up at all. Hopefully, this one will fill ne more next year.


Dragonfly said...

Do you know what we got the first two days of March? 17" of snow!

Lee said...

Well, that is one advantage of Central Texas. But let's talk about this again when it's 105° and it hasn't rained in a year.

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