Monday, March 16, 2009

Library Thing

I know there’s supposed to be an illustration here, but like I said, I’m tired. And apathetic. Would something random be better than nothing?

Well, this was a horrible week in the news. Many of my friends lost jobs last week, and today wasn’t any better. It turns out that AIG paid—perhaps was legally required to pay—hundreds of millions of dollars to the people who raped the economy. President Obama is so angry about that, he said he was choking. The Dow didn’t make five consecutive days on the positive side, even though it would have been the first time in recent memory.

But Suna is getting interviews before her contract ends, and my dad said a well near our property hit gas. My job continues. So, all things considered, I have a lot to be grateful for today. Picking one thing for the week is a challenge, but I’ll give it a go.

This week I’m going to be grateful for my online book community, Library Thing—not what you expected after the economics intro, but what the hell; I’m tired. They published a cool screen saver for the Mac this week and are trying to get one together for Windows. They have given me intelligent acquaintances all over the world who share my love affair with the printed word—especially if you count online media, however volatile. They power my church library and my personal library online. They provide much of the book and author content I link to from this blog.

I’m making a committment to upload higher resolution book covers for the community than they can get from Spamazon.

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Suna said...

Love the illustration! And I am glad Library Thing brings you so much joy!!

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