Monday, May 14, 2007

Beccano’s Recital

Awesome Beccano

Tonight we went to see Beccano’s last middle school drum recital. There were a bunch of kinds, some of whom were really good. Two of the ones I enjoyed listening to most shocked me when they performed in the sixth grade ensemble.

Of course Beccano was the best. He played a solo on the tubular bells with the eighth grade ensemble and a solo solo on the snare drum. He played through both pieces without stopping restarting measures. Or if he did, he made it sound as if he didn’t.

Notice his serious look in the photo. That is one thing that struck me. None of the kids looked like they were having fun, and music is supposed to be fun. Maybe that comes later, as Suna said. Only one girl smiled when she played, and then only to laugh at a mistake. I smiled a lot, just listening and enjoying.


Suna said...

I'm glad you are enjoying all these kid activities, and sure do appreciate all your help.

Looking at this picture, the poor boy looks like he is in prison. In reality, it's the band hall, and he is in front of the cages they store instruments in.

Like the new dim color scheme.

Lee said...

At least, the bars are behind him. [wink]

And I really do enjoy the activities, especially the musical activities. Watching these kids play reminds me to be humble. They do so much so much better than I could at their age, even though I was already playing for money by 14. That just jaundiced my perception of the value of learning to read music.

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