Saturday, May 26, 2007


“Bah! Lemme eat my breakfast.”

This is Beccano’s day. It’s not really his birthday, but it’s his birthday for us. On his real birthday, he will either be in Ireland or en route.

As he put it, “I’m not just a year older than a ‘stupid twelve-year-old’ anymore.” So today was about gathering family around him. And he raked in the loot. Former RM bought him a practice amp. There was a ninja outfit. Hmmm. A Radiohead DVD. And more.

“Watch out! He’s got an ax!”

I’m also loaning him my camera to take to Ireland. So my next few posts will have recycled pictures, if any. But Beccano has a good eye. I expect to see some fantastic shots of the Emerald Isle.

On other fronts: FRM moved out this week; enter RM2. She will only be here for a couple of weeks—sort of eases the shock of Suna and me having the house to ourselves.

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