Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Children of the Night

Steppenwolf’s Slow Flux album cover The source of today’s lyrics and one of the best albums of all time. Photo source:
Sure must be fun to watch a President run
Just ask the man who owns one

—John Kay

I recently participated in a survey of registered voters who plan to vote in the Republican Primary. Since that is my current plan, I answered in the affirmative. It was a fairly stilted survey. The questions were not as poorly written as some. There was nothing like, “Would you rather be safe by giving up all your rights under the Constitution or help the terrorists rape your family and farm animals while you watch?”

Some of the questions were:

  • Who do you plan to vote for: Ron Paul, John McCain, or Mike Huckabee?
  • I pressed 1 for Paul. As my mom used to say, “As often as this country gets screwed, we need a gynecologist in Washington.” He’s a good man. My family has known him all my life. But I still wouldn’t really vote for him. He’s just a little too whack for me.
  • What is more important to you: the economy or the war on terrorism?
  • Duh! If the economy goes to hell, we can't afford a war on terrorism—as if we needed one. It’s always the economy, stupid.

Only after the survey was over was I informed that the poll was paid for by the McCain organization. I wonder if I would have had the opportunity to answer the other two questions if I had not pressed 1 to say I was going to vote in the Republican primary. Probably not. I wouldn't have mattered then.

That was a little over a week ago. Today, McCain all but has the Republican nomination in hand. The pundits say that if Huckabee wants to be VP, he should bow out of the race sooner, rather than later. But I don’t think he wants to be VP, Romney wants that job. No, Huckabee wants to drive the party platform to the right. So, I apparently don’t need to vote Republican to get my least-evil choice.

But I still don’t really care for either of the remaining Democratic contenders. They both cancel each other out.

And last night, Obama won his ninth straight primary, and the pundits are starting to talk as if he has already been anointed. So, I still don’t know who to vote for in March. Oh, well, it won’t be the first time I’ve made up my mind while looking at the ballot.

Maybe I will vote per the bumper sticker I saw the other day. “Cthulu for President: Why choose the lesser evil?” Probably not.


Dragonfly said...

primary yesterday. I'm just so glad that I won't get a half dozen calls a day telling me why McCain is wonderful. (one call for Hillary)

Lee said...

Those calls will resume closer to the general election. This is going to be an interesting year.

Suna said...

I honestly don't think I could marry a Republican. :-) You seem to care for the poor way too much and the war way too little to be a "real" Republican, but enjoy your voting process!

Lee said...

I don't think I could, either.

Lee said...

I think I see what caused the confusion. I mean that I didn't need to vote in the Republican primary, not the general election. I have never heard of a Republican with enough ethics to vote for. They are always too loaded up with self-aggrandizing morals to have any ethics.

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