Monday, February 18, 2008

Pet Rock Laser

Beccano shows off his pet laser.
What you don’t know about, don’t knock
I’m in love with my pet rock
… [He] don’t wanna be a big rock star
—[I don’t remember]

Yesterday, Suna and I went to the local HEB to pick up a prescription that they had not been able to fill on Friday for spurious reasons. They apologized for the error, but didn't cover the additional deductible that the oversight caused. When we got home, Suna went to bed and I started working in the back yard, which is sorely in need of some effort after a winter of neglect.

When I took a break, Beccano brought me the bag in which the prescription had been packaged. “What does this mean?” he asked pointing to the 36 point type on the bag.

I had to plead ignorance. The bag proclaimed, “Changing your toothbrush every three months can help win the fight against…


The line break, the larger font, and the bold face were all on the bag.

I handed it back to Beccano and he laughed. “I mean, can you catch diabetes from your toothbrush?”

“Not that I’m aware of,” I shrugged.

“That makes me lawls,” he said and danced off to show Suna the bag.

Grateful Monday

So that brings me to today’s Grateful Monday. I am so grateful to have Beccano as a friend who makes me lawls—that is an extended string of LOLs. He is polite, funny, helpful, and eager to learn.

Last night after dinner, I decided to get some CDs out of a multi-disk player that quit working again. The tray was hopelessly stuck. Beccano and I took to the shop and spent a good half-hour dissecting it, playing with the gears, and identifying the components we could. He kept the “pet laser—that’s better than a pet rock.”


Suna said...

That boy really has a fun way of looking at life. I enjoy watching the two of you interact, too.

Dragonfly said...

hmmmm... I've heard brushing your teeth can prevent some forms of heart disease but nothing about changing toothbrushes for diabetes.

Sounds like you guys get along wonderfully

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