Sunday, February 03, 2008

[Not] Woodstock

No large photo available yet.
Not everyone at the party was UU. Some were musicians. But everybody had a good time.
Photo by: Suna
Well I came upon a Child of God
He was walkin’ along the road
When I asked him where are you going
This he told me
—Joni Mitchell

Today got off to a good start.

  • A warm shower to ease the aching muscles from yesterday’s woodworking activities
  • A few moments to relax and check the weather and my friends’ blogs
  • Leaning back in my desk chair to watch the squirrels play and mate in the big oak outside the study window
  • Then off to church and choir, where we sang “I Am But a Small Voice,” a song I really enjoyed and sang fairly well

But the real fun was the Super Bowl party. There were a lot of people we knew from church gathered to watch the game. I have never seen a bunch of Unitarians so passionate about anything. Of course, it helped that this was probably the best Super Bowl I have ever seen. Everybody was on their feet for the last minute of the game, which seemed to last a half hour.

My favorite sound byte from the party: New York had failed to execute on a play. Zappafan yelled at the TV, “You’re a Child of God. Act like it!”

Prime Minister turned to Second Minister and said, “I think we’ve got some material for a future sermon here.

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