Sunday, March 16, 2008

Somehow, We’re Stompin’ Around

The “extra” geraniums Suna bought.
If I should go astray and say, “I lost my way,”
Nobody would know me
But if I don’t believe I can and still say, “Hear my plan,”
Somebody would follow just because it’s free
—Larry Byrom and John Kay

This weekend was mostly yard work—nothing very exciting. Saturday I dug a trench around where I want to put the new flowerbed that will replace the sage I killed last weekend. Suna bought some cilantro and thyme, that I planted today. She also bought one more hanging geranium because it was so pretty.

Aaron, our newly-ordained intern, delivered the sermon today. It was all about keeping up with change and not being so dogmatic that we can’t adapt to the times. We are a church that accepts all individuals as they are but challenges them to continue to grow and adapt to the new people who join. He thinks Unitarianism is exciting because we change, not because we’ve got it right.

Like the song says, “We’re all hippos rollin’ down river. Sometimes, we can’t touch the ground.” Nobody has a monopoly on Truth—not even me.

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