Monday, April 21, 2008

Grateful Monday

I atually did some work at the Hands on Housing thing.
Photo by: Jon Montgomery
Buddy is such a good boy.

I haven’t been posting much the past week or so. The job has kept the writing part of my brain exhausted. But I have been able to come home and relax a little bit tinkering around the house: building a new flower bed, cleaning, and painting.

And this weekend, I worked all day Saturday at a Hands on Housing event. I met some nice people, and we built a front porch and ramp for a family who couldn’t do the work for themselves.

Throughout all of this Buddy and Rose have been very well behaved. Gwen has been at the top of her game, hardly snapping at Buddy (only once or twice at Rose). Even Scrunchy has been the best dog he can.

So today, I am grateful for all four dogs—even if I can’t honestly say equally grateful for all four. I’m featuring Buddy’s picture here because he has been with me the longest and is one of the loyalist dogs I have ever lived with.

Update, 29 April: Jon sent me a photo of me working, at the HoH thing. So I posted it just to show prove I actually did something. Some of you may not have believed me. <wink />

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