Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Gardening Happiness

After work last night, I got a chance to plant the new babies we got at the home center Sunday. In a large green planter that was blocking a hole in the fence, I put:

  • Chives (ajo morisco)
  • Double impatiens (impatiens doble)
  • New Guinea impatiens (impatiens de nueva guinea)
  • Verbena (3 small from a landscape mix)
Suna had also picked out a pretty yellow pot, into which went:
  • Creeping fig (ficus pumilo repens)
  • Coral bells amethyst mist (no genus)
  • Verbena
Finally, I scattered more of the verbena in some other pots and placed them around the patio. I still have some left for the front flower bed. I hope to add some pictures later.


Suna said...

Well, that's handy to have Spanish translations for the plants.

Lee said...

Isn't it funny. They don't seem to list the genus any more.

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