Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bush Administration at It Again

This New Guinea Impatiens isn’t a bush, but it has performed like the Bush Administration. First, it exceeded expectations (because they were set so low) by surviving the winter. Then it has failed to produce a single flower so far, not one tangible result.

I found this article to be particularly disturbing. It shows the current administration’s obsession with border security at the expense all else—including common sense, not to mention economic growth. Hasn’t free trade been one of the tenets of our economic policy for the last few decades?

While the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) hasn’t lived up to the expectations of any of its signers, the Bush Administration should not unilaterally decide to abrogate any of its conditions. But then, when did they ever do anything in any way other than unilaterally? They certainly don’t seem to take the will of the people into consideration in anything they do.

But am I paranoid to think that there is a deeper purpose at work here? Walls and fences that keep other people out, also keep us in. Is this a move to prevent the steady trickle of educated workers who have been moving north for the last few years in an effort to escape the totalitarian tendencies and corruption of Bush/Cheney? Are they trying to force Canada to retaliate by closing its border with the US?

Unless McCain “wins” the election this fall, I will be surprised if the current administration relinquishes power without at least attempting a coup. But I don’t really expect them to do that. It is so much easier to rig an election, as they have shown in the last two.


Stephanie said...

WTF!?! That article left even cynical ol' me shaking my head and my fist. I really hate that this administration has embarrassed us around the world. No wonder I've become one of those crazy Obama hopemongers....

And on a completely different note, I saw the Norm Abrams title on your Library Thing sidebar and wonder if you'd recommend that book for my wood-working FIL who doesn't read many books beyond the occasional sports biography. As a retired guy he has the time to read but isn't in the habit.

Hugs to you and Suna and the boys!

Lee said...

I gave Measure Twice, Cut Once four out of five stars. It is an easy read, so it probably won't be that challenging, even for someone who isn't in the habit. It's full of really nice life lessons that can be read in short bursts.

Sam said...

We, in Canada, are certainly watching the unfolding of the events in the US with interest. Are we happy that there is more move from south to north for a change? Sure, our industries (including healthcare and education) are happy.
It would break my heart if they managed to rig another election and continue their path of destruction.
One the other hand, Georgetown, ON is nice, if you are thinking of relocating.

Lee said...

It’s certainly worth considering. If they do rig another, I’ll be looking to move. Unfortunately, since the opposition party tends to eat it candidates alive, the Republicans may not even have to rig it.

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