Sunday, April 06, 2008

Strange Yellow Powder

My plants are all covered in yellow powder.
It’s even on this lovely chrysanthemum.
And my chair. But wait! There’s a clue in the upper left corner.

I went outside this morning to water the plants, and they were all covered in this horrid yellow powder.

Is it some new disease, perhaps related to powdery mildew? Perhaps it is some wasting disease of plants—one in which they turn to ash before your eyes.

But there’s a clue on my blue chair.

It’s covered in the same substance, and I sat in it last night. It should be clean.

What’s that on the seat? An oak stamen! There is no fungal outbreak here. The world is covered in oak pollen—just like the cars I spent hours washing yesterday.


Suna said...

They call us mellow yellow.

Lee said...

Quite rightly. But no electrical banana. Sigh.

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