Monday, June 16, 2008

Grateful Monday: Possums, Buzzards, and Deer

Possums ain’t nobody’s favorite varmint.
Photo source: Tassem Land, U.S.A.

Driving around on our brief excursion to Lake Limestone yesterday (short trip, nothing really to say), we saw loads of deer, other mammals, and birds. On the way back from picking the kids up at the airport, we saw a possum (an opossum for the purists since the initial o designates the marsupials found in the Western Hemisphere) ambling along in the neighborhood.

Many people don’t like possums. They are evil, wicked, mean, and nasty. And that is a list of their good points.They will eat through the floor of a mobile home or pier-and-beam construction to get at pet food. But they do serve their purpose, whether it’s cleaning up nature’s garbage or knocking over humans’ garbage cans.

While there isn’t a lot of ground-based wildlife in our part of the neighborhood—I think all the privacy fences confuse migratory paths—it isn’t unusual to see various lifeforms in the immediate vicinity. For that I am grateful—even for the possums.

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