Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It’s a Dry Heat

Lobelia Queen Victoria in bloom

I determined that the problem with the lobelias is the heat, not the amount of water, although frequent watering does seem to help them cope with the heat. Last night, I came home with what I call a migraine—a splitting headache that starts where the skull attaches to the neck and tortures the head forward to the eyes. It often encompasses only one lobe. Last night it was the left. Pain relievers like aspirin or ibuprofen don’t touch it.

I know this isn’t a real migraine. But the symptomatology is similar, and the pain is equivalent (level 3-4). These headaches stem from “something being out” in my spine or neck. The only cure I know of is to lay flat on my back with my neck supported on a “dog bone” pillow for eight to twelve hours. That’s what I did last night.

Anyway—as I dragged myself to the front door, I noticed that the lobelias were sagging almost as much as I was. Oh, god, I thought. I’ve got to water them or I might lose them. But I didn’t. I laid down for an hour or so, ate dinner, and went back to bed. Suna was really patient with me and took excellent care.

When I remembered to check on the lobelias this morning, they had perked back up. They have lovely, delicate flowers that remind me of bromeliads: delicate, colorful petals along a long, graceful neck. I will post a photo this evening when I get home and can work on it.

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