Sunday, June 01, 2008

Wall Progress

I am making progress. Only the back remains, but I may have to add another course. I hope not.

I finished the front part of the expanded bed in the front yard. The back still needs doing. But since I had been acquiring some plants for the expansion, I decided to plant them.

The soil is very clay-y there, and I hope I don’t kill my lovelies, which consist of:

  • Some of the extra red flowering landscape tray we have been keeping in hanging baskets even though they are not suited to such an application
  • A lovely four-pack of New Guinea impatiens that I hope do well
  • Two of the pepper plants that have been surviving in the shady back yard but need more sun.

Some time this week or next weekend, I hope to finish the wall. There is enough money on a gift card of Suna’s to pay for the needed stones—unless I have to add another course.

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