Saturday, July 26, 2008

Chez Art

I spent most of the last two days (when I wasn’t looking for work) doing a final revision of my novel and copying it into a standard template for manuscript submission. I did mow the lawn today.

Then this evening we had a nice dinner at Artz with one of Suna’s friends and her family. The friend’s daughter just graduated from Austin Culinary Academy, where she learned of her numerous food allergies. Art congratulated her on graduating and offered consolation on her eminent entry into the restaurant business.

We didn’t take a camera, but if we get pictures from anyone who did, I’ll post one later.

After dinner, most of the friends were going out to party some more. Suna and I went home to tend to Beccano. He has blistered feet. The dogs got out, and he heroically chased them down and brought them home without putting on any shoes. Since this is Texas in July, the sidewalks were hot enough to blister his bare feet within a couple of blocks. Suna bought him a big cheesecake as a reward.


Dragonfly said...

I am impressed that you have written a novel. That's one of those things that I've always thought would be a grand notion but I have never had a good idea to go with it. I quite admire anyone that can.

Lee said...

Thanks, Dragonfly. As with many large projects, I spent a long time wondering if I would ever get it finished. Then one day I realized there were only a couple of loose ends to wrap up. If you want to write a novel, just write a little every day.

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