Tuesday, July 01, 2008

A Fitting Legacy

This poster relates to my blog today in only one thing. But I like it.
Photo source: Unrepentant Hippie
[Georgie] said, “My, my!
Other people’s problems do get tedious by and by.”
—Al Stewart

Here’s an honor for Still President Bush that I can really support. Writing in the New York Times, Jesse McKinley asserts that a group calling itself Presidential Memorial Commission of San Francisco wants to rename the Oceanside Water Pollution Control Plant. They want the new name, the George W. Bush Sewage Plant, to take effect on 20 January 2009—the same day as the new President is sworn in.

I am firmly in favor of the sentiment behind the plan. In fact, I think we should rename sewer plants around the country after Bush.

But I do have one problem with this idea. The Oceanside Water Pollution Control Plant is a quality unit. It has won numerous awards over the years. Shouldn’t we honor Bush by renaming a sewage plant that is more in line with his environmental record? Maybe some decrepit dumper or a nuclear waste stockpile.

One thing is certain. No matter who wins in November, the average IQ in the White House will go up. I just hope he puts the ranch in Crawford up for sale and retires somewhere else. But where else could he have such an elaborate security system without having to pay for it.


Sam said...

maybe they should just name bricks or posts after Bush . . . you know . . . thick as a "Bush" or dumb as a "Bush." Has something of a ring to it, doesn't it??

Lee said...

Yeah. Kids could insult each other with, “What are you? Some kind of a Bush?”

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