Monday, July 14, 2008

Grateful Monday

Even though they’re small, 100 grasshoppers eat as much grass in a day as a fully grown cow.
Photo Source: Silent Butler

It may seem strange to be grateful for an absence, but I am. So far, the grasshoppers are not nearly the problem they have been in years past. I’m grateful that they aren’t around much.

It’s not that I’m living in a more urban area; I remember them being so bad right here in Rock City that you couldn’t walk without stepping on some. I have only seen a couple of small ones this year, and I’ve been out in the garden a lot.

What got me thinking of grasshoppers was this article in my hometown newspaper. It describes how to make an eco-friendly insecticide that will kill most insect pests, including small grasshoppers. But as the title says, it only irritates the larger ones. I’ve used this recipe before, and it works. I don’t know that it works on mosquitoes, but I aim to find out.

There is also a neat dog training tip that I wish I had known of before Rose ate Suna’s stuff. Balloons! Sigh.

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