Monday, January 19, 2009

A Nice, Cold Can of Pepsi One

I’m also grateful that I can drink colas again. Pepsi and Coke both market products made with sucralose. And who am I to argue with Mariah Carey.

Photo source: Hollywood*Rag

I love winter in Central Texas. While other states—even the more northern parts of Texas—fight blizzards and frozen winds, winter is usually much milder here.

We do get the occasional snow flurry or, when it’s really bad, an ice storm. But most of the time, it’s really kinda pleasant.

Winter turns my truck into a refrigerator. I go out at lunch and retrieve a wonderful Pepsi One from a box in my car. I pop the top and get nice, cool tastiness. Not like the summer when the heat sometimes causes the ends of the can to bulge most worrisome. (I have never had one of the cans give way in the heat, but I wouldn’t be that surprised if it happened.)

So for now, I’m grateful for the cooler weather enjoying and the soothing Pepsi.

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