Saturday, January 17, 2009

We Need a Shed

Here is a picture of Buddy for no apparent reason.

It’s official. Today, I have officially given up on trying to turn the garage into a usable space.We just have too much crap stuffed into there, and neither Suna nor I seem to be much good at weeding.

The only solution I can see is to break down and build a storage shed. I looked at plans last year, and I think we settled on a layout. Now we need to decide where to put it and get approval from the yard Nazis…er…I mean the friendly neighborhood association.

I think I can build it myself for at least a little less than a prefab unit would cost. And it will look much nicer and be more durable than a prefab unit. Besides, I’ll have the fun of construction.

I marked a location in the back yard with sticks so Suna could see where I want to put it. It is in an area where grass won’t grow, and I will only have to do minimal tree trimming. She agreed that would be a good spot.

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