Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Google Yourself

This post is approved by all of my chins.

This post originated as a Facebook meme. The rules are simple:

  1. Google “[Your first name] needs”—including the quotes.
  2. Post the first ten results without edit or explanation.

Of the ones I’ve seen before doing this, my favorites include:

  • Gene needs to be studied elsewhere
  • Michelle needs to take photography lessons (for a very good professional photographer)

So here we go with mine:

  1. Lee needs more support.
  2. Nat-a-lee [[needs a boy]].
  3. Lee needs to do more for Korea’s upgrade.
  4. What Sara Lee Needs Now: A Giant Wiener Roast.
  5. Is Wonder Bread what Sara Lee Needs?
  6. Spike Lee needs your help to make a cameraphone film.
  7. Lee needs somebody to love.
  8. Lee needs to fine tune himself for Delhi.
  9. Lee needs a kidney.
  10. Lee needs a debt waiver to forestall default.

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