Sunday, February 01, 2009

Super Bowl XLIII

Harrison is the latest football player to discredit the team for which he plays. Totally lacking in honor or sportsmanship, he is a disgrace to the game.

Photo source: PSAMP

Suna and I just got back from a Super Bowl XLIII party at our friend Austin’s house. This was an exciting game—well, at least for the last quarter.

Arizona did a wonderful job of almost winning the game. They lost by only one point after both teams staged remarkable drives to take the lead. I’m surprised at how close the game was considering that the refs all appeared to be wearing Terrible Towels, and they had no problem throwing them if Arizona could be implied as a rule violation.

At the same time, James Harrison (#92) was penalized a half foot for assault and battery. He had one of the Arizona players down on all fours and proceeded to punch him in the back. When the Arizona player tried to extricate himself from this position, Harrison picked him up, threw him over backwards, and proceeded to punch him in the face. This assault had more than one person at the party calling for Harrison’s ejection from the game.

One Steelers fan even commented that Harrison shouldn’t be ejected; he should be arrested. Indeed, it wouldn’t have been Harrison’s first arrest for assault.

Seriously, this was one should earn Harrison the Michael Vic Sportsmanship Award.

But, according to Suna, the high point of the game was Bruce Springsteen’s halftime performance. I thought the best part was Springsteen executing his trademarked knee slide into a cameraman. The look on his face as he extracted the camera from his crotch was hillarious.

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