Monday, January 28, 2008

Country Roads

When you’re driving in Texas, it really can seem like the road goes on forever.
Country roads, take me home
To the place I belong
—John Denver

After an embarrassing time in church yesterday—due to having different tasks on two songs that I couldn't distinguish by name—Suna, Beccano, and I went for a drive in the country. Although, the time could have been spent more productively, we all had a good time driving and listening to Radiohead and Pete Townshend.

My major discovery was that Parmer Lane now extends north to at least TX 3405, possibly to TX 254. (I didn’t take good notes because I was driving. None of the online map tools show this extension yet, probably because I isn’t technically finished.) Suna already knew this from a wool-buying expedition with Jody. Unfortunately, the name changes at some point from Parmer to Ronald W. Reagan Blvd. Sigh. Republicans!

Grateful Monday

Last Friday, Suna gave my blog a You Make My Day award. I put off responding to this so that I could have it be my Grateful Monday today. Thank you, Suna. You make my day, too. That's what I’m grateful for today. All the myriad different ways you make my day.

Thanks, too, to everyone whose blogs I read. Apparently, one of the obligations that goes with the award is to pass it on to 10 other bloggers who also make your day. Sigh! I don't think I read 10 blogs. But here goes—My blog winners in no specific order, except (of course) that Suna comes first:

    Yes! Suna Knits
    Of course this isn’t the blog that really makes may day—at least not usually. But it is Suna’s most public blog and the only one I’ll link to from here.
    Saranda’s World
    This is Saranda’s personal blog. It tracks her family life, and I really enjoy the pictures she posts. The picture flowers from her back yard was one of the most stunning I have ever seen.
    Hand In Hand with Sam
    Sam shares her family and life in the far north country—at least from a Native Texan’s view it is extremely far north. I always love the Friday Feast, which Suna also blogs, and the pictures.
    The Wonderful World of Stephanie
    I have just started following this blog, so I really don’t know what to say. I have enjoyed her travel journal as she explores Italy.

It turns out that everything else in my Bloglines queue is either inactive or a news feed.


Suna said...

Thanks, Lee. You are always so sweet to me.

Saranda said...

Uh oh - does this mean I'm tagged? I thought I dodged that bullet! ;) I have been meaning to link the blogs that make my day (or at least the public versions of them). This is a great excuse. I might not be timely, though, with the exchange student stress/meltdown impending.

Thanks for the compliments of my flower photo. It's enough encouragement that I'll keep my camera out for a while.

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