Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Winter Cold

One minute you freeze, the next you roast. That’s what makes a fever so miserable.
It is foolish for you—take heed of it—to rise from quilt and feather bead; there is much ice on every ford; that is why I say, “Cold!”

I have spent the last few days contemplating how quickly our world view can collapse around us. I was taking down the Christmas decorations Saturday when I noticed a tickle in my bronchial tubes. Later that evening I went to the grocery store and found myself really concentrating on just getting the little bit of shopping done that I had to so that I could go home. I’ve already blogged about what happened when I got home, so I won’t bother you with a rerun.

By Sunday morning, my world view had collapsed to the interior of the house. Getting up and down the stairs was a real effort. By Sunday evening, my world consisted of part of the bed and the bathroom. My fever peaked around 104 that night, which is really something when you consider that my typical body temperature is 98 even.

Monday was almost a total loss. I would wake up, go to the bathroom, drink another 16 ounces of water, and go back to bed. This pattern repeated almost hourly. I don’t get sick days in my job, so I had to work as much as I could through this period. Luckily, my boss is willing to let me work from home. Even with a fever that hovered around 100 degrees, I was able to get in almost four hours work between naps.

Tuesday was a repeat, but with a lower fever and longer periods of consciousness. I managed another six hours work, and my world expanded to include the media room. The stairs were still a struggle, but I managed them a couple of times.

Sometime in the night, my fever broke. I woke up this morning pooled in sweat, but my skin no longer felt like stale cheese to me. I even went back to the office and had some meetings today. Everybody wisely kept their distance, even the one who I think brought the virus into the office. The drive in was a challenge as my reflexes were not what I am accustomed to, but I lived and so did everybody else on the road. Nobody even told me I was number one, so it must not have been as bad as it felt from my perspective.

Grateful Monday on Wednesday

So that brings me to this week’s Grateful Monday. Even though it really is Wednesday, it is my Monday. I am so grateful that even though I have often been called sickly, I have learned that all I have to do is take care of myself and my body will heal. One day, there will be something from which I cannot recover. But that is not today, and I will not admit it when it happens. For that I am truly grateful.

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