Monday, January 21, 2008

Love is a Sweater

Everyone who sees my new sweater has to touch it. I don’t blame them. I love the way it feels.
Photo (and sweater) by Suna

Thanks to Saranda, I started an account on LibraryThing. LibraryThing lets you catalog and review the books in your collection, or simply those you have read. You have the option of keeping your reviews private, sharing them with various degrees of restriction on who can access them.

I have always been a cataloger, but I never built an index of my library for some reason. I like being able to access my obsession from anywhere I happen to be.

Grateful Monday

I missed Grateful Monday last week. So it’s a good thing that I have two things to be grateful for today. Now I can catch up on my gratefulness.

  • On the home front:
  • Suna made me a wonderful sweater. It is so soft and warm and comfy. She finished the bulk of it on Thursday night. On Friday we bought five lovely buttons, only to find out that it had six button holes. So on Saturday, we bought five more of the blue-brown buttons that tie the sweater’s colors together so well. I wore it to work today, just to show it off. Thank you for the wonderful sweater, Suna.

  • On the job front:
  • No really exciting news here, but the news Friday was good enough. When I took this contract, I was told that the funding would run out at the end of the fiscal year. That’s either this Friday or next. Now I had subsequently been told that they would probably extend the contract, but I haven’t heard anything definite about that yet.

    So what’s the good news?, you’re probably thinking. Well, I had a brief conversation with my boss last Thursday. He told me that they really have enough funding to keep me working through the end of next month. We will have another conversation in mid February to let me know if he can justify (and, more importantly, get approval for) extending my contract for the duration of my eligibility. So it’s not a secure job, but it’s not the worst possibility, either.

    I am grateful for any reprieve—no matter how fleeting.


Suna said...

Lots of love went into the sweater, but love also comes back when I see you enjoying it. Also, it is great to hug.

Suna said...

Hey! I just gave you a "You Make My Day" award on my blog. Read about it here, and post the lovely graphic on YOUR blog!

Thanks for being one of my favorite bloggers. Perhaps my favorite. XO

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