Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Born under a Bad Sign

Now this is an interesting store. Wonder what they do with all those tires. Hmmm…rubber!
Born under a bad sign
Been down since I began to crawl
If it wasn’t for bad luck
I wouldn’t have no luck at all

I saw an interesting sign on the back of a truck. It said, “Now Hiring.”

“So what makes this sign so interesting?“ you might ask. After all, lots of truck have similar signs. You can’t hard pass a big truck without seeing a similar sign. So what is unique about this one? It was the only writing on the truck. Apparently, you were supposed to follow the truck to wherever it was going and ask about a job.

It reminds me of a truck stop that I used to pass on the south side of I-10 in Van Horn. It was a grimy little truck stop, with a small café and convenience store. On three sides of the building, a sign said, “Diesel * Fried Chicken.” But if you were heading east, the sign said, “Diesel Fried Chicken.” Ummmmm. Yummy!

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