Saturday, April 07, 2007

Beleeka Doodle Day

The title for this post comes from the last song on Al Stewart’s first album, Bedsitter Images. Image Source:

I have been up for hours already, but I can’t seem to get going. After a week of being shortslept, I overslept last night, and my body is refusing to get motivated to face a cold, gray day.

It’s almost noon, and the thermometer has crept up to hover around 40. The rain continues off-and-on but mainly drizzles. They sky is overcast, and the sunlight that filters through the clouds is sleepy. So am I.

The good news is that the plants all seem to have survived last night’s near freeze. By the time we got in and I found out how chilly it was going to be, I was already falling asleep. So they stayed outside though the coldest night of the spring. And I slept hard and long.

Despite the weather and my lethargy, I am content. I am smiling as I type this missive. I feel warm inside, happier than I have been in years.

There are still worries and concerns about the future. My job situation is still in flux. The only announcement about the pending re-org of my department said that there would be no announcement before next week. Our Fearless Leader cheerfully told us all to stay on our perches. So that is where I sit, hoping that the sound I hear is someone snoring and not the sound of someone sawing branches.

But even those concerns don’t bother me today. I should have drawn the Four of Swords today—everything feels so peaceful and drowsy—but I didn’t. I am content, and that is enough for today.

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