Sunday, April 01, 2007

Interesting Game at Church

It is frightening how easy it is to fall into dangerous behaviors. Image Source: The Wasp Box

After church today (where Bob Keeshan was nominated to be Saint Kangeroo even though he hasn’t been dead the requisite five years yet) we played an interesting reality-based role playing game. We divided into four teams, each of which was to build a community within a large metropolitan area. My team, named for ice cream, was chocolate, and we were economically and socially oppressed. So, I took on the character of a scheming, self-serving politician who operates in the name of the oppressed.

It was interesting to watch everyone react to the demands of social unrest and not-so-passive aggression. In the end, my team got everything we demanded without having to pay for it. And my team mate and I were able to retire in the Bahamas.

This exercise teaches a scary lesson about the American political reality, a lesson I did not point out in the game. I am sure my fellow players would have denied it even though complicitous.

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